City Sounds Piano Project - Day 1

I'm so excited to work on this project!  I love art AND music so this is an amazing pairing in my mind.  I have many thoughts on the project, so I thought I'd share them via blog.


Today was my first work day in Mainframe Studios.  Walking through the door here is nothing new to me, I worked here in the early 90's for USWest (now Centurylink).  I walked in and immediately started reflecting.  My life has changed so much since I called this my work home.  I was so young then.  Now? Eh, not so much.  From working in this building to now, I realize that every job I have had in my life has prepared me in some way, shape or form to own Five Monkeys Inc.  This place has a weird little place in my heart.  I was downsized (I volunteered) in 2001 and stayed home with my children. 

Here is a picture of the baby I'm currently tending to.

The music rack has to be secured or removed.  I decided to remove it.  I didn't remember to bring my bag of tricks so I had to improvise. Of course tweezers double as a screwdriver.

The whole piano has to be sanded and a couple coats of primer before the magic can begin.  I'll use the time in between visits to Mainframe to solidify my initial design in my head and wrap my head around the most efficient way to execute it.  One thing is certain...COLOR!!  ALL THE COLORS!  

As I was sanding and priming it I had a few awwww moments.  The sharpie drawings on the front perfectly executed by what could only have been a tiny person.  My daughter was a sharpie graffiti artist leaving her signature or a one word statement piece.  My youngest son left his sharpie graffiti on almost every wall in our house.  Due to our lack of motivation to repaint all the walls, many of his masterpieces remain today. 

As I was priming the back of the piano something stuck to my brush.  It was an X plastic refrigerator magnet.  Again, awwwww.  This piano was a part of a family's life.  It made my heart smile that this piano will hopefully continue to have impact, get played a lot and visually have impact with my art.

I was super excited to find that the kick board comes off!!  It will make the actual painting of that portion of the piano soooooooo much easier.

First coat of primer complete!!

I'm so excited to be a part of City Sounds: The Des Moines Public Piano Project

If your business or one you know is interested in hosting/sponsoring a piano please APPLY!