How Does It Work?

You'll browse the hundreds of pieces we have to choose from (you can also shop online before you come).  Our selection is about 60% mass produced and 40% hand poured in the US by independent ceramacists across the country (they have the good stuff, they have the pieces from our past).

Once you've selected your piece, we'll talk about how glaze works, colors and get you painting.

When your project is complete you'll leave it with us to be fired in the kiln and you'll pick up in about a week, for friends visiting from out of town we can expertly package and ship your items to you for the cost of shipping (typically $10 for the first item(small to medium) and $5 for each additional piece).

Prices are determined by the project you choose.  The price listed on the shelf or website includes the piece, the glaze, the kiln firing and the initial visit (typically 2 hours).  

If you don't complete your piece on your first trip you can return to finish at a later date (we no longer store in progress pieces). There is a studio fee on your return visit(s) of $5 per hour on weekends and $3 per hour weekdays.  You may also request glaze and take your piece home to complete it and return it to us to be fired.