City Sounds Piano Project - Day 2 & 3


I went down and gave the girl her second coat of primer.  


So I brought the kicker panel (that's what I call it)  to the gallery with me today.

 A blank canvas.  A lot of white space on this portion but the rest of my "canvas" has a different feel.  So what might work well on this wide open space may not translate too well to the rest of the piano. I've been thinking almost non stop for days on how I'm going to lay it all out.  I've let my brain drift from the concept that popped in my head the instant I found out I'd be chosen, maybe it's time to go back and go with my gut.  

When I paint one of my windows, I'll lay out the line work and often the window will sit on my work table for a couple weeks.

You can see that the color could have been divided a bunch of different ways.  I slowly let the color plan come to me.  When I feel it, I lay the color down.

Here is how it ended up.

 Well I've been blessed with an opportunity to grow my business through a contest sponsored by ScoreMentors and Sam's Club, part of that is an all expense paid trip to Reno for training and networking (for more info on that you could go to  That trip begins Monday the 23rd.  This means I don't have weeks to let color scheme percolate in my head.

I have all the colors!!  I just need to let my brain fall on a plan that can be executed to look like the picture in my head, that isn't so tedious that I end up hating myself for creating a time crunch panic mode or that I am forced to scrap and re-prime the whole piano.

We shall see.  It shall be decided today!!!